Andrew Bishop

Gene Broeder
May 23, 2018
Dave Schroeder
May 23, 2018

Andrew was born and raised in Western Montana, enjoying much of the beauty and adventure which the area has to offer. He attended college in Missoula, Montana and now lives and works there full-time as a forensic biologist.

After years of worldly pursuit and reaping the resulting emptiness, he began to seek for meaning and purpose in life. It was in his late twenties he came to understand and accept Jesus Christ as Lord. By the will of God and through the loving discipleship of many individuals Andrew has, and continues to experience the life-changing grace that only a relationship with Jesus can bring. Because of the impact which discipleship has had on his life Andrew is grateful and excited to be a part of Mentoring Timothy and the organization’s goal of fostering real life-on-life, biblically based mentorship which brings glory to God and furthers His Kingdom.

Andrew has been on short-term mission trips to Thailand and Brazil, has led various church-based small groups, and is an active member of his local church. He loves spending time in the outdoors including hiking, backpacking, fishing, skiing, mountain biking, and running.