Our program runs from early September through early June each year. Enrollment is limited to 8 young men ages 18-25. Our specialized enrollment size gives our program a family feel and allows for deep and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. There is an application process and live interview in our initial consideration of a candidate. Because we are focused on Bible based discipleship, Mentoring Timothy is not for everyone. Fill out the form below to get started!

A potential candidate for Mentoring Timothy is a man aged 18 years or older. Some might like the idea of a “gap year” before continued schooling. However, our program is open to any who feel they could benefit it. Some want the family structure, some look forward to unplugging for a year, others are drawn to the adventure, and still others long for time alone with Christ to seek His will for their futures. The idea of mature Christian men coming alongside to affirm and mentor you might also be a factor convincing you to commit nearly a year of your life to personal and spiritual growth.

You do not need to be at a certain fitness level to come to Mentoring Timothy, but know that you will be expected to be fully involved in every aspect of our program. Only you know if you are willing to be stretched and challenged in areas where you may struggle. We aren’t pursuing athletes as much as we are pursuing pliable hearts willing to grow for His glory. For you to even consider taking a year “off” to focus on your relationship with Christ already makes you radical and different—so we look forward to meeting you, as life was meant to be radical and different!

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