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We believe life change happens when men live in real, intentional, and intensive community. Our life-on-life mentoring gives you access to families who live out what they teach. Space is currently limited to 8 young men, ensuring that the program stays small enough for personal engagement and challenge.

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Since we are a mentoring program and not a Bible school, there are no official grades. This program is focused on spiritual growth, so we place an emphasis on quiet times, building them into daily routine so that each student gets dedicated time in the Word void of distractions and stresses. This ensures that there is proper time spent reflecting on what is being taught and how God is challenging and leading. It also helps to establish the lifelong pattern of a rich devotional life. Jesus spent a lot of time alone with His Father, and we plan on following that model.


You will be mentored by each of the leadership couples on staff. We will also periodically bring in external teachers, experts who focus on specific subjects. This ensures that each student grows both in his knowledge and faith during the 10-month program.

Mentoring Timothy gives you the chance to be part of something wild and unique; discipleship and study will be mixed with adventures like weeklong hikes and seasonal canoe trips. Hands-on, practical training in areas like ranching, construction, survival, cooking, and hunting will be mixed with heart-focused topics like community service and finances. And all of this will be done in the context of Montana—an incredible setting in the mountains where hard work is part of life and a platform to work side-by-side with staff.


Each fully furnished cabin will house eight young men during their stay at Mentoring Timothy. This provides the opportunity for friendship and accountability as well as the chance to live, serve, and care for others.


Additionally, to bring real-world application to the training at Mentoring Timothy, we offer opportunities for international trips to remote parts of the world to visit missionaries. The intent of these trips is to encourage and refresh the missionaries and also provide an opportunity to see how God may be specifically calling you to serve Him.

Thank you for your investment in growing the lives of young men.