Mentoring Timothy is a startup ministry, and funding is a key part of building an organization that changes lives. Nothing like it currently exists, and we are looking for major Kingdom donors who catch our vision and want to support the initial foundational costs.

We have identified four ways for you to support Mentoring Timothy. If you'd rather donate to the General Fund, please use the button below.

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Land Goal Reached!

We have land! It is so amazing to see a God who loves us provide in such amazing ways! We had the opportunity to explore some properties before they went to market and all three cost an amount that God had already provided. These properties were the cheapest we had ever seen and after exploring them, we found the perfect one that far surpassed any we had seen over the past two years! Eagle Heights is the name of the property and it is 160 acres at an elevation of 5800ft. There are beautiful Blue Spruce and Douglas Fir trees everywhere and an amazing bonus is the views; you can see 4 mountain ranges from our land. Part of the property also borders public BLM land with access to thousands of acres! God is moving and taking care of the details! Thank you to each one who gave so sacrificially to help us buy this amazing piece of property!

MT Partnership Support #2

Developing the campus for staff and students

Now that we have land, we are looking into the various options for power, which includes solar/generators or having power brought in. Power is within 4 miles of the property and is a good option, but would come at a high initial setup cost. Water has been located on the property so well drilling is one of the early steps in setting up this property. Well drilling costs $36 per foot and we are looking at about 200ft per well. We will also be weighing out options on renting earth-moving equipment or looking to the Lord to provide some. We are specifically looking for a Backhoe and Skid Steer Loader. Undeveloped land takes some work to become livable initially!

We are exploring various housing options including Log Homes, Yurts, Container Homes, and Conventional Framing options. We plan to use wood burning systems for heat and hot water because there is much deadfall all around and this will help prevent wildfires from growing. At this time, we are hopeful to build two staff homes and one or two student housing options so that we could launch our Gap Year program. Thanks so much for considering how you may help and for praying with us!

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MT Partnership Support #3

Recruiting volunteers for construction and development

Development in a remote location will bring various challenges, and we are looking for those willing to “rough it” with us to prepare our site for enrollment. If this is something you have an interest in (or know of a group of men who might want to help), please contact us. We are looking for a wide assortment of skills as well as those willing to work hard in less-than-ideal conditions.

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Supporting our Team

Donating to a Leadership Family

Each of the families serving with Mentoring Timothy relies 100% on support donated by friends, family and churches. All are sent out from a local church to serve in this ministry capacity. Visit our Leadership page by clicking the “donate now” button below to get to know each family and for an opportunity to support them.

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Ways to Give

Additionally, each family serving Mentoring Timothy relies 100% on support donated by friends, family and churches. Please visit the leadership page to get to know each family and for an opportunity to support them.